ILA holds a register of PAs available for short-term and emergency work. Your application form is held on the PA Register and you will automatically be advised of suitable vacancies as and when they arise.



ILA has a register of PAs available for short- and long-term positions across London. If you are looking for a permanent job or ad hoc shifts to suit, then you need to complete an application form to receive PA Vacancy Alerts as they become available.


POSITION AB19 (Eastbourne, East Sussex – BN23)

Multi-talented, flexible and adaptable Personal Assistant (driver) is required to support a young thinking man in his mid-sixties, who is a full-time wheelchair user, from Tuesday (8am) to Wednesday (6pm). The tasks include providing personal care; undertaking domestic duties; preparing and cooking meals; shopping; driving (21+). The PA User has two lovely cats (please don’t apply if you are allergic to cats).

Salary: £323 for the shift (Tuesday, 8am – Wednesday, 6pm) plus holiday pay and pension where applicable Other shifts available to cover holiday and sickness (direct employment)


POSITION DN42 (Southall – UB2)

Female* PA required to support a woman in Ealing every Monday or Wednesday between 10am-3pm.The PA User has no physical movement and communicates non-verbally. The job does not include personal care. She is looking for a proactive PA with good English who can be more of a friend. The PA must like dogs and cats! Salary: £9.88ph (ILA)


POSITION FL97 (Walthamstow - E17)

PA required for a man in Walthamstow for a daily 1h shift start at around 9pm to help the PA User to transfer to bed. Salary: £10.85ph (ILA)


POSITION HJ49 (Chingford – E4)

Female* PA required to support a woman in Chingford for 3 hours on a Friday starting around 1pm. The tasks include support with administration, escorting the PA User to meetings and other social activities. Salary: £9.88ph (ILA)


POSITION ILA (North Finchley – N12)

ILA requires a part-time Administrator to cover maternity leave working Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1pm-5pm from July 2021 to April 2022. Salary: £10.85 per hour (ILA)


POSITION KA29 (Chessington – KT9)

Disabled man requires PA to work Monday and Tuesday night shift (waking) from 9pm-9am plus Monday to Friday 4-7pm. This position is working with a 48-year-old man who has limited physical movement, but is mentally strong and motivated. He enjoys intelligent conversation, DIY, technology and being family and friends. Salary: £10.85-14ph (direct employment)


POSITION KL31 (North Woolwich - E16)

Young disabled woman looking for a female* PA to join her team. There are daytime and night shifts to be worked at the placement (8 hours of unmeasurable work in a 10-hour shift). The tasks include providing all personal care as well as assisting with cooking, household chores, accompanying outside when needed and also looking after a very friendly cat. (Please don’t apply if you are allergic to or dislike cats!). Salary: £10ph (ILA)


POSITION LB62 (Wood - Green N22)

Female* PA required to support a woman in Wood Green on 3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri). All the shifts are mornings with a start between 8-10am and there are 4-5 hours of work per day. Tasks: help the PA User to shower and dress; shopping; cleaning; possible support with work tasks - depending on skills and whether work changes from home-based to going out. Ideal for someone living in North/East London.

TO START ASAP Salary: £12ph (Direct employment)

POSITION MS22 (Roehampton - SW15)

Female PA required to work with a woman for 2-3 x 24h shifts per week (7pm-7pm). The work includes: all aspects of personal care including catheter care, preparing simple meals and drinks, dressing, general housework, shopping, accompanying to appointments (you will need to push the PA User in her manual wheelchair equipped with a power pack). You need to be friendly, willing to be involved in daily activities, good at listening and time keeping. Salary: £134-185 per 24h (ILA)


POSITION PB64 (Highams Park – E4)

PA required for ad-hoc shifts with a disabled man living in Highams Park. You need to be a driver (25+). The role is to assist with any task as required including providing personal care, cooking, shopping, housework, driving etc. When he goes back to work, you will be required to assist the PA User at work in central London. All the training required to work e.g. ceiling track hoist, shower chair, wheelchair, etc. will be provided. Salary: £233.76 per 24h (ILA)


POSITION RG35 (Plymouth - PL1)

Young disabled man in Plymouth is looking for a personal assistant to work 3-5 hours every day – times are flexible times. The PA User likes to have fun, go out and about, explore new areas and visit places. The tasks include all aspects of personal care, pushing the PA User when using a manual wheelchair, accompany the PA User out etc. You are ideally a driver, happy, friendly, trustworthy, gentle and fun person. Salary: £10.51 per hour (ILA)


POSITION RJ68 (Woolwich – SE18)

Personal Assistant required to work 24h shifts with a man in Woolwich. The role involves a variety of tasks that involve: providing personal care, domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, dusting, laundry, helping with admin, taking notes, writing emails, assisting with travel using public transport, assisting with communication (directly or on the phone), assisting with any tasks or activities that facilitate an independent and happy life style at home and in workplaces.

Salary: £170 per 24h shift (ILA) OR direct employment £10.75ph + £69.76 fixed fee per sleep


POSITION SH55 (Ealing - W5)

PA required to support a woman with hearing and sight loss for 1-2 days per week (5-7 hours of work); the days and hours can be flexibly arranged but usually start around 10am. The PA User is in her seventies but is a very active and busy person with plenty of interests. The usual tasks include: light housework, keeping order in the kitchen and bathroom, putting recycling and garbage to the bins downstairs, laundry, shopping, gardening, accompanying to appointments, providing a tech and admin support plus any other tasks by arrangement. Salary: £10.85ph (ILA)


POSITION SL51 (Roehampton - SW15)

This placement is to work with a man who has learning difficulties (neurodiverse) and sensory impairments who is seeking a support worker to facilitate him in his daily life. Your role is to provide administrative support, domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning; no personal care required. The PA User is looking for a PA to work on Monday or Wednesday 10am-2pm. You must be IT literate and have excellent communication skills. Salary: £15ph (ILA)


POSITION SM52 (London-location to be confirmed)

Personal Assistant required to support a young disabled man who needs assistance with all aspects of personal care, home hygiene and cooking. You must be a non-smoker, physically fit and have at least a conversational fluency in English. All training relevant to the job (washing, dressing, toileting etc.) provided. Salary: £175 per 24h shift (ILA)


POSITION SS29 (Nottingham)

Female* Personal Assistant required to provide practical and physical support to a professional disabled woman in Nottingham. The tasks involve assistance with personal care, getting around (facilitate access to places, open/close the door, getting in/out of the car etc.), assistance with general admin tasks, domestic support. Available shifts: Weekdays 7.30am-4pm and 4-10pm or 7.30am-9.30pm; Weekends 9am-3pm/8pm (could be two shifts). Days can be negotiated. Salary: £10 per hour (Direct employment)


*Gender is considered to be a genuine occupational requirement in accordance with paragraph 1 of Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010 for a female worker to work with our client.