ILA has a register of PAs available for short- and long-term positions across London. If you are looking for a permanent job or ad hoc shifts to suit, then you need to complete an application form to receive PA Vacancy Alerts as they become available.


POSITION BR22 – Cricklewood NW2

Female* PA required for a woman in Cricklewood to assist with swimming and other personal assistance tasks on Thursdays (4pm-11pm). You will be required to support a female wheelchair user to swim, which involves walking or swimming next to her in the pool. Other duties include helping with all aspects of intimate personal care, typing emails that the PA User dictates to you and domestic tasks. You must be reliable, have excellent communications skills and commit to working in a way that respects the PA User’s wishes and requirements. Salary: £11.50ph (Direct employment)


POSITION BR57 – Walthamstow E17

Female PA User in Walthamstow is looking for a female* driver PA to assist her with daily living. Currently there are two regular shifts available on Fridays 8am-6pm & Saturdays 8am-1pm. The job involves assisting with personal care; domestic tasks (cleaning, cat care, shopping etc.); assistance with going swimming, gardening and other manual tasks; driving the PA User to social activities and occasional work meetings in and outside London. You don’t need to have any PA experience, what matters is that you are energetic, responsive, patient, have a sense of humour and a great deal of common sense. Salary: £13ph (Self-employment)


POSITION CR21 – Bromley BR1

Disabled man in Bromley is looking for a female* PA who can drive. The shifts are: Mon-Fri 9am-2- & 7pm-10/11pm; Sat-Sun 10am-10/11pm. The shifts can be shared between several PAs. The usual daily tasks are: help with getting up; toileting; washing; preparing breakfast; preparing/cooking dinner; assisting with taking medication; preparing/cooking dinner; serving and feeding the PA User his meals; making drinks through the day and assisting with drinking; assistance with taking medication; help to get ready for bed (undressing, toileting, a light wash, preparing bed). You need to have good language skills, be willing to learn and in good health. Salary: £10ph (Direct employment or ILA)


POSITION HI39 – Islington N19

Young disabled woman living in N19 is looking for a female* PA to work regular 24h shifts. The role involves working 1 week on and 2 weeks off shift rotation. The PA User is also looking for a bank worker/PA for ad-hoc shifts. The tasks are: support with personal care including using the loo, bathing, washing hair, make up etc.; all domestic tasks, keeping the house clean and tidy, cooking; shopping and running errands; gardening; physical assistance at work; accompanying to social activities; assistance with exercising such as yoga and swimming; physical tasks in relation to the PA User’s social activities e.g. cooking for friends; the PA will be required to work at alternative locations (when the PA User is travelling, on holiday, at a work conference etc.); driving the PA User’s car if required. Salary: £244.88 per 24h (Direct employment, PAYE)


POSITION SL51 - Barnes/Roehampton - SW15

This placement is to work with a man who has learning difficulties (neurodiverse) and sensory impairments; he is seeking a support worker to facilitate him in his daily life. Your role is to provide administrative support, domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning; no personal care required. The PA User is looking for a PA to work on Monday or Wednesday 10am-2pm. You must be IT literate and have excellent communication skills. Salary: £15.15ph (ILA)


POSITION PE02 – East Acton W12

Disabled man living in East Acton area is looking for a female* PA to work regular 7 days’ shift. He requires a 24/7 support: The tasks include all personal care; help with food preparation and feeding; moving and handling with slide sheet and hospital bed; hoisting to/from wheelchair using ceiling hoist; complex care including part-time peg feeding and tracheostomy care He also needs an occasional driver for his automatic van. The PA needs to be physically fit, fluent in spoken and written English, ideally a non-smoker and okay with cats. Salary: £240 per 24h shift plus food allowance £5 per day. Rate will rise with experience; double pay at bank holidays (Direct employment)


POSITION RJ68 - Woolwich SE18

Personal Assistant required for ad hoc shifts with a man in Woolwich. The role involves a variety of tasks: providing personal care, domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, dusting, laundry, helping with admin, taking notes, writing emails, assisting with travel using public transport, assisting with communication (directly or on the phone), assisting with any tasks or activities that facilitate an independent and happy life-style at home and in workplaces.

Salary: £170 per 24h shift (ILA)


POSITION WJ73 - Harrow HA3

Female wheelchair user with visual impairment is looking for female* Personal Assistants, who are able and willing to drive a VW Caravelle, to work from 11am to 8am in 1, 2 or 3 day blocks.

The PA User is unable to regulate her own body temperature owing to her disability and needs PAs to be aware of autonomic dysphasia. She has an indwelling catheter and uses Qufora irrigation as well as bladder washes as part of her toileting regime; uses a ceiling hoist, sling and sliding sheets for transfers. PAs will be given training in all aspects of the personal assistance. The tasks include personal assistance in every aspect of the PA User’s life from getting up in the morning, getting dressing, bathing, cooking etc.; pushing the PA User in her wheelchair both inside and outside of her home; general household tasks including cleaning, laundry, shopping as well as checking the PA User’s diary, organizing her home under her instruction, assisting with medication, searching for information online etc. Salary: £135 per shift whilst training; £168 once fully competent (ILA)




*Gender is considered to be a genuine occupational requirement in accordance with paragraph 1 of Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010 for a female worker to work with our client.