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This e-learning course – FROM CARE TO INDEPENDENT LIVING – is aimed at  both PAs and PA Users and runs for 2 weeks and is an interactive opportunity to learn with other disabled people and personal assistants as well as the full support of a moderator.
The training includes: What is independent living · The Social Model of Disability · Care versus independent living · The role of a PA · Responsibilities of a PA User. Costs: £85 per person (discounts for group bookings) 

I really liked this training. I had no idea what to expect, and I am not a particularly academic person, but I found myself really enjoying the issues brought up by the training. I thought it that was very well thought out, and didn't take up more time than I had available or cut into my schedule too much. (Alison, PA User)

I thought the training was fantastic. The units were clear, to the point and the layout made them very accessible and easy to understand. The course as a whole was fascinating and as a new PA, was not only useful and informative, but really made me think. (Simon, PA)

I think that the course has been an eye opener for me regarding how PAs standard of work is different from a carer. It also helps me to have a clear idea how some terminologies that are used day to day can mean the opposite of what it actually intended. (Lydia, PA)

Overall, I very much enjoyed experiencing this training. I look forward to seeing more things coming up as part of our potential continuing professional development as PAs. A big thank you and congratulations for putting this training together and the support we got throughout this training. (Jana, PA)

Thank you for a fantastic course, this is the first e-learning course I have done and I found it hugely successful! (Richie, PA User) 

It effectively highlighted the meaning of independent life. I think I gained a lot by completing this course, that type of knowledge which I can use immediately in practise. (Markus, PA) 

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