Disabled people who use ILA want self-control over their own lives and have personal assistants to support independent living.


This is where ILA assist:

A disabled person – just as a non-disabled person – should have control of their own lives. ILA won’t do things “to you”; we offer a bespoke service and  provide a range of services to pick and choose from:

·  Recruiting PAs  

·  Managing PAs  

·  Training and advice for PA Users 

·  You can be employer  

·  ILA can be employer


The first stage is to complete a PA User Registration form telling ILA what you want – we can then tell you what services ILA offer and how we can do it. At this stage we can also tell you how much it will cost.




When you have completed your PA User Registration Form

please email it to: PAServices@ILAnet.co.uk


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Independent Living Alternatives (ILA) has been providing  Jackie with PAs since 2005: The PAs provide all the assistance I need at home to live my life. They get me to and from work by car and going to the loo or getting some lunch. I am very happy with the PAs’ contribution to my life.


Marc finds his experience of using ILA a positive one as acquiring PAs from ILA cuts out a lot of the time consuming paperwork involved in advertising.


John says: I was immediately impressed with ILA because the Director quickly understood the problems I faced and was very willing to offer the flexible support I required to live independently. ILA has had a significant impact on my quality of life because, unlike many organisations, it values and respects the opinions of disabled people.


Joan employs her own PAs: I use ILA because I direct my own PAs and ILA provide the dignity and support without the patronisation. ILA provides support  irrespective of one's level of disability e.g. if they are on full time ventilation or only require minimal assistance .