• Barbara

PART TWO: LA leaving me speechless – again

Now, my second issue is rather more worrying. I am employing a new PA for my daughter, she is now an adult. During the interview with the PA I mentioned that a satisfactory DBS would be required to work with my daughter. She replied she currently had 2 and so saw no issue with a third, in the past the LA have insisted one be completed for them specifically. The PA and I completed her new starter paperwork, on reading through the information it stated DBS (for children only). I was pretty sure this must be an error or that they had sent me the wrong papers. I emailed Direct Payment Team, their reply was that at present there is no requirement for a DBS when working with over 18’s, but if I wanted one the LA would pay for it. I must admit I was speechless at this response, and then found my voice in a reply to the team, highlighting my disappointment and disbelief at this policy. I would be permitted to employ someone to work one to one, lone working, delivering personal care to my daughter, who is vulnerable and obviously has care and support needs and that person does not require a current DBS. How incredulous. The LA came back with a comment that ‘Senior Managers are looking into this at the moment, I will forward your concerns on’. Is this common practice in other areas? How can this be seen by anybody as OK? Obviously I have requested that a DBS be sought at the cost to the LA. Who would not want or need to safeguard themselves or the person they care for? Who would be held responsible if there was a safeguarding situation and a DBS had not been in place? There are too many worrying questions and issues for me cover.


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