• Katherine Deane

Roadworks Ramp Consultation

As a wheelchair user myself I know how hard roadworks can be to get through.

I’m part of a team that has been asked to get the opinions of people with disabilities on a new style of roadworks ramp. I'd very much appreciate this opportunity being advertised to your community. We will be running a consultation event where we will ask your opinion on the ramp, we will video and audio record your answers. These recordings will be used in multiple reports, training packages, and online.

We want to recruit people with disabilities close to Deptford. • Deptford Lounge, London, 10:30-12:30 Friday 23rd November 2018 We will pay travel expenses and £40 for every person taking part. This includes carers. A British Sign Language translator will be provided at the event.

Katherine Deane has recorded youtube videos of her reading through the information sheet ( and consent form ( You must contact Katherine Deane for more information about the event and to see if you are selected. We need a range of people taking part so may not be able to invite everyone who volunteers. or 01603 59 7047. Many thanks - Katherine


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