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Improving Health and Well Being in Adult Social Care

Investing in staff health and wellbeing makes commercial sense. A happy and healthy workforce perform better and are more likely to stay.

Evidence suggests it can have a big impact on key business measures such as sickness absence, turnover, claims, company profile, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Recent models take an ‘all-round’ approach which includes measures to improve people’s physical and mental health and the social aspects of their working environment. There’s lots of different things you can do to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff – you need to speak to staff and find what works for your service. We’ve spoken to our Skills for Care colleagues and here are five ways we can help you make a happy and healthy workforce.

1. Develop a positive workplace culture

A positive workplace culture is a key driver of health and wellbeing.

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your organisation and influences how people behave and feel at work, which has a big impact on their health and wellbeing. For example staff working in a culture that makes them feel valued and trusted are more likely to be happy and healthy at work. Next week we’re launching the updated version of our ‘Developing a positive workplace culture’ toolkit. It explains what a positive workplace culture looks like, how it can benefit your business and how you can develop it in your organisation. Keep an eye out on our website here.

2. Invest in the learning and development of your staff

Learning and development can help your staff to feel confident in their role and shows that you’re willing to invest in them and that you value their commitment. Investing in learning and development has been shown to improve staff morale and create a loyal workforce which can help to improve their sense of wellbeing at work. Our ‘Learning and development guide’ is a great starting point in how to develop an effective learning and development strategy for your organisation. Download it here. You could even provide learning and development around how staff can improve their own health and wellbeing at work.

3. Recognise your hard work and enter our Accolades awards

Social care awards like the Accolades have been around for years. Finalists and winners tell us that the application process alone helped them take a valuable step back to reflect on their achievements and to see just how far they’ve travelled in their journey to great care. Most awards are free to enter and just require a bit of your time.

So the tip from us is - recognising when and how your staff perform well can go a long way to boosting their morale. To get that recognised outside the organisation and on a national scale can boost them even more and that’s what awards offer. Entering awards sends a strong signal to your staff that they’re valued, appreciated and important. So consider entering an award and see how you go. Remember to tell staff you’re entering and why. And that even if you don’t win – it’s the taking part that counts.

4. Support staff to build their resilience and manage stress at work

Building the resilience of your staff will help them to cope better under pressure, manage stress at work and protect them from mental and physical ill health.

You can do this by:

  • using management systems to prevent stress at work

  • using learning and development to develop resilient behaviours

  • building a positive workplace culture to foster resilience.

Our ‘Greater resilience, better care’ guide is for leaders and managers, helps managers look at the stress levels and wellbeing of their staff, and gives practical ideas about how they can improve things.

5. Recruit people with the right values

Recruiting people for their values and behaviours ensures that you get the right people to work in your organisation. This can lead to a happier, motivated and committed workforce who are more likely to stay.

We have practical guides and templates to help you take a values-based approach to your recruitment. Visit the toolkit here. If you're an adult social care employer, come along to one of our free 'Getting started with values-based recruitment' workshop and learn how to ensure values are embedded throughout all areas of your recruitment and retention.

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